Lovingly Made Ingredients Speaks to Radio Canada

Lovingly Made Ingredients (LMI) has been featured by Radio Canada in a piece looking at how Alberta is getting its share of the vegetable protein craze.

It asks, ‘In the kingdom of beef, can the pea be king?’ and includes an interview with LMI General Manager Chris Shields.

Chris shows off LMI’s textured pea protein and explains how the texture can be changed depending on the application it’s being used for.

“Essentially you end up with a unique texture and we can do all different sorts of shapes and sizes and ingredients.”

Speaking about LMI setting up in Alberta, he added: “What we were looking for was a place that gave us a home and access right back to the farm.

“Thirty per cent of the world’s pulse or yellow pea production is here in Canada and Alberta is a big part of that. Here is a fantastic place for yellow pea which is our base material which is where we start to make our ingredients from.”

Check out the video below: Quand l’Alberta prend le virage… végétarien